To spy on someone’s Whatsapp messages, you have to clone their WhatsApp account first. This can take just two minutes and you will need the victim’s MAC address to find Media Access Control on your computer. Note that you will have to be on the same Wi-Fi network as your target’s phone. Once you have the MAC address, you can install the app to track the person’s WhatsApp messages.


If you have ever wondered whether your child is communicating with someone else, this WhatsApp spy app may come in handy. Besides monitoring your child, you can also track other people’s conversations, even if they’re using their own phones. With this application, you can know who’s messaging who and how often. Moreover, you can even get information about their location! The app is easy to install, so you can start monitoring the activity of your child right


XNSPY Whatsapp spy software lets you monitor all kinds of activities on the WhatsApp platform, including browsing history, emails, and deleted messages. It also has advanced features such as geofencing, location history, keylogging, and a helpful customer support team. Its capturing features allow you to see everything from the profiles of the contacts to the pictures in their WhatsApp albums. It even allows you to spy on the person’s WhatsApp messages without rooting the device.


The main benefit of a TiSPY Whatsapp spy is that it is simple to use and allows users to monitor a cell phone’s activity. It works by logging the URLs visited in a cell phone’s web browser. Users can also view which applications the phone has installed. If the user doesn’t want their child to see adult content on their phone, they can block such applications. TiSPY is available for both Android and iOS.

Once you install the TiSPY Whatsapp spy, you can start monitoring what your kid is doing on WhatsApp. You can monitor media sharing, call logs, and more. The app can even log a cell phone’s GPS location. You can even keep an eye on your kid’s media sharing! You can also monitor the phone’s call history, and see the pictures that your kid has uploaded to their profile.

DDI Utilities

DDI Utilities WhatsApp spy is one of the best ways to monitor an Android phone. This monitoring software is incredibly powerful and can be installed on a variety of different platforms. It also works as a data extractor, allowing you to view deleted data that has been stored on the device. The DDI Utilities Whatsapp spy can even extract data from deleted SMS messages and other


This phone monitoring and data recovery tool is easy to use and install, making it ideal for the novice. It’s compatible with Android and iOS devices, and has a 30-day money-back guarantee. DDI Utilities Whatsapp spy can be used for both personal and business purposes. It can track text messages, GPS location, and Facebook messages. It also backs up important files and helps you recover lost data.


If you want to Nexspy on WhatsApp messages, you can use an app called Hoverwatch, which is compatible with iOS and Android phones. You can also monitor Snapchat and Telegram accounts. This app is highly advanced and can monitor WhatsApp activity in real time. You can also see what your target person says in individual chats and view photos. It runs undetectably on the target device and accesses the target WhatsApp account from any location.

This app also allows you to capture screenshots of calls and text messages on your target device. You can easily distinguish the number between a home and a mobile one by looking at the Hoverwatch dashboard. This way, you can see who has called whom and when. The Hoverwatch app also lets you view call logs, so you can check if anyone has called your target.

The Hoverwatch app can also monitor GPS location, as well as track websites visited.


mSpy is a popular choice for those who want to monitor what their kids and employees are doing on their cell phones. This application is easy to set up and install on both Android and iOS devices. Once installed, you’ll be able to access your Control Panel to view real-time information about the target phone. You’ll also be able to view detailed information from an online dashboard. mSpy is available as long as your target phone is connected to the internet.

mSpy offers a wide variety of features to help you monitor the activity of your employees and children. For example, you can check the number of times an employee opens their Tinder account and whether they send messages to other people. You can also see call logs and multimedia files that are sent or received from a monitored device. If you’re worried about the safety of your child, you can also use mSpy to block apps, as well.

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