There will not be a single person in this world that is not familiar with tea. Be it the mountainous area of China or the African dessert land, people consume tea of one kind or another. There are many types of tea; white tea, black tea, green tea, herbal tea and a new variety called blooming tea which is actually a very fancy version of white tea. But one with the most benefits and no side effects is the green tea. The benefits of the green tea are known for 4000 years and also scientifically proven now. But these benefits depend on the quality of tea you use. Many vendors will sell you low quality which would not be that beneficial. Whether you buy it from a shop or online tea stores, make sure that you are getting the best.

The history of green tea dates back to ancient China blooming tea thousand years ago. It is still a very popular drink in that area. The green tea is made from the species known as Camellia sinensis after very little processing. Minimum processing keeps the vital nutrients in the leaves. It is an excellent antioxidant. The health benefits related to this tea are many. Here are a few to mention.

• The major benefit related to green tea is that it is an anticancerous agent. It does not only prevent the creation of harmful cancer cells in the body but also kill the existing ones. It contains the plant extract known as epigallocatechin gallate which is a powerful anti cancer agent.

• It also eliminates all the bad cholesterol from human body. There two types of cholesterol in our body, one is the good cholesterol HDL and one is the bad cholesterol LDL. The green tea manages the ratio of this good cholesterol and the bad cholesterol.

• Thrombosis is a very major cause of heart stroke and heart attacks. It is caused by thickening and clotting of blood. The researches have proven that green tea can prevent this clotting of blood and hence reduce the chance of heart attack.

• The tea is also found very efficient in preventing and eliminating the type1 diabetics. The tea itself has no sugar content unless added but if honey or natural sweetener is used, it is safer and much healthier.

• Not only is tea very healthy for the liver, it also fights the extreme liver diseases such as viral hepatitis. The polyphenols which help fighting against liver diseases are called catechins. It also provides good protection against harmful effects of alcohol.

• One amazing fact about green tea that most people do not know about is that it contains fluoride which helps in reducing tooth decay. It also prevents the plaque attack and cavities.

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