While couches can last years, they also suffer a lot of wear and tear over time—particularly in households with children or pets. Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do to revive an aging couch. You can restuff couch cushions to help it feel plush and comfortable again, reupholster it to give it a whole new look , and even fix any sagging. In the U.S., couch and sofa mean precisely the same thing—a long, upholstered piece of furniture for sitting. “Couch” comes from the French “couche,” meaning furniture with no armrests for sitting, much like a chaise lounge today.

Consider your current sofa or sofas you’ve used in the past, and what—if anything—you would like to add to it. Couches may have cupholders, reclining seats, built-in beds, replaceable covers, built-in storage, and other features to suit buyers’ needs and add greater opportunities for personalization. Knowing what you would most enjoy can help you sift through the array of features out there. More than one sofa has been returned to the store because the delivery service could not get it through the doorway. Letting the pros handle the stain will cost more but will take the stress off and ensure your sofa is getting the best possible treatment. Just make sure the cleaner you are using is safe for your particular sofa – the easiest way to do this is by cross-checking the cleaning codes on the tag attached to the sofa. Thanks to our Fabric Care Kit, you can keep upholstered items looking so fresh and so clean when life happens.

We’re loving the Abisko Sofa, which has a durable wood frame with corner-blocked reinforcements. While we found it to be quite firm during initial use, that firmness actually proved to be quite comfortable after settling in.

The 11 Best Couches and Sofas to Buy Online 2023

As for its height, it should sit slightly lower, approximately an inch or so, than the back sofa cushions. Sofa tables come in various standard lengths, anywhere from 24 to 60 inches.

Then, we timed how long it took to unbox and assemble the couches once delivered. After setup, we used the couches over a period of six weeks, putting various combinations of people and pets on them in as many situations as possible. During our testing, we found the couch to be durable and sturdy. Despite frequent use, the couch didn’t bow in the center and didn’t move when we plopped down on it. We also appreciated that the cushions were firm and supportive, and we couldn’t feel the frame of the couch when sitting or laying on it.

Online options allow you to order for delivery, sight unseen. Unlike a conventional sofa, sectionals are versatile and have multiple independent pieces that you may arrange in many ways. Sectionals commonly come in “L” or “U”-shape configurations that make for great cozy, conversational settings. This type of sofa makes sense for people who often entertain or have larger families.

This casual and sophisticated West Elm Harmony Modular Sectional could make an elegant addition to any living space. And not only is it stylish, but it also converts into a queen-sized bed in less than a minute. You can choose from a wide variety of fabrics and colors, including velvet, boucle, and tweed. However, we chose the performance basketweave fabric which was exceptionally soft and felt lovely when laying on it. Over time, it held up exceptionally well and was easy to clean even with lots of spills and stains. When purchasing a sleeper sofa, you’ll want to consider how comfortable the unit is both as a sofa and as a bed. It’s also important to choose the proper size for your space, and if possible, test how easy it is to pull out and pack up the mattress.

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“Reupholstering a sofa can be costly, but sometimes it’s worth it if it had great meaning or was once a quality piece, but the fabric has faded or worn out,” Carroll says. In the DC area, where Carroll is based, she estimates around $2,500 for labor and $1,800 for fabric and trim. Mackie suggests Sunbrella for a “super cleanable” sofa, which you can opt for with the Joybird Briar. If your living room is doing double duty as a guest room, this sleeper sofa is the best couch for you. The company provided assembly for us, which took about five minutes. It’s comfortable, but not so comfortable that anyone is likely to fall asleep—it’s better for sitting and watching television than it is for snuggling in.

Read more about flexform groundpiece here.

You may need durable fabrics that can hold up against pets and kids. In this case, look for terms like stain-resistant or pet-friendly when shopping for couch upholstery fabrics. We also spoke with interior designer Jessie Neuman of Numi Interior Design, who explained her process for selecting couches for clients. When testing a couch for comfort, you should sit and lie down on it.

Best small sectional: Rivet’s Revolve Modern Reversible Sectional Chaise Sofa

For a sofa you will use for relaxation, you’ll want a deep and cushy couch with loose pillows. A formal couch can have high-quality upholstery or a sculptural frame; it’s more visually interesting than comfortable. Don’t let tough stains and messy spills cramp your style – follow this easy, step-by-step process on how to clean a fabric sofawith baking soda, cleaning detergents and more. To optimize appearance, fluff cushions and pillows often to retain shape. Vacuum frequently or lightly brush with non-metallic, stiff bristle brush to remove dust and grime. More in-depth cleaning is specific to the cleaning code for your choice of cover. A naturally sociable set-up, it’s a smart approach for larger living rooms, with greater wall space not given over to radiators, doorways and fireplaces.

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