The best way to show off a beautiful blooming tea is to have a tea party. Evoking memories of British royalty or the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, or a complicated, formal Victorian ritual, afternoon tea has evolved through the years to become a stylish event, even though blooming tea it started in the British working classes. High tea, or afternoon tea as it is now called, was an early evening supper by the ordinary British class and hearty meals were prepared instead of the mini sandwiches and scones that are favored today during tea time.

These days, afternoon tea is generally uncomplicated with just tasty, bite size biscuits and sandwiches, some delicious scones and mouth watering sweets and it is served around mid to late afternoon. The food is accompanied by a pot of favorite tea. For added enjoyment blooming tea can be used, although it is best to use a glass tea pot to allow the tea to display its blossoming wonder. This certainly adds novelty to a classic afternoon tea.

The refreshments are prepared before the guests start to arrive, allowing the host time to enjoy the company and refreshments. Normally, a buffet table is painstakingly prepared, some use their fine chinaware, while there are others who prefer to sit down and just pass around the food. Serving the tea yourself is of course recommended. Your favorite pot of loose green tea, or blooming tea mentioned above, would be the perfect highlight of the party. The rest of the time, the host has plenty of time to converse with other guests and just sit down relax and unwind.

A lot of people enjoy going to tea parties, male and female both. In England, and many other countries, this is made into an event to entertain and conduct business meetings and such. A tea party is not just for exchanging the latest gossip and there are many more reasons to hold a tea party than just chatting. Aside from conducting business matters, it is a great formula for a bridal party or a baby shower, a birthday party or simply a way to keep in touch with friends.

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