Is a place where it’s possible to easily and often locate established and developed clothes. We are inventive and involved in Bucharest, Romania. For the time being, we are pleased to be rivals in the market for really costly designer and brand apparel for both sexes. Our portfolio of transactions is growing. Among them are Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, GUESS, tricou tommy hilfiger barbati, Vivienne Westwood, McQ by Alexander McQueen, Adidas, Polo Ralph Lauren, EA7 Emporio Armani, and other names in the fashion industry.

Why are we famous?

We work hard to give you a seamless and excellent shopping experience, from perusing the lineup to having the products delivered to your home. We want your purchasing to be enjoyable, whether you do it online or off. The alternative objective is that we want to provide you chic deals that you won’t find in Romania since we believe that excellent apparel shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive.

History of Tommy Hilfiger

where the name originated Thomas Jacob Hilfiger was born in Ellesmere on March 24, 1951. He was the middle child in a large, dysfunctional Irish family with eight sisters and sisters. At the age of 18, Tommy gives up his studies to start working at a tiny clothes business. His initial offering was a twenty-pair run of custom jeans. Later on, he starts working for “Brown’s Exchange,” and with time and effort, he is able to launch “The People’s Place,” his own business. Hilfiger’s company had to collapse while he was just 25 years old, despite his attraction to immature individuals.

Tommy and his fiancee Suzy go to New York after renowned fashion designers Clvin Klein and Perry Ellis offer Mr. Hilfiger a place as a peripheral inventor. Despite this, Hilfiger declines the offer and starts working for Chris Cortes. In 1984, he files for the Tommy Hilfiger trademark and releases the first line under his own name. Since then, Hilfiger has been dubbed the “lord of mass fashion,” and because to the brand’s chic aesthetic, high quality, and reasonable prices, Americans have fallen in love with it.

The CFDA named Tommy Hilfiger “inventor of the Time” in 1995 for his men’s wear and tear and gash line. In 1998, Tommy Hilfiger received the “Inventor of the Time” award from Design School “Persons” in New York, and GQ magazine included him on its list of “Men of the Time.”

The great Rolling Stones’ “No Security” tour, Britney Spears’ “Summer” tour, and Lenny Kravitz’s “Freedom” posthumous tour were all sponsored by Tommy Hilfiger in 1999. In 2002, Hilfiger was named “International Inventor of the Time” by GQ magazine and awarded the Future of America Award from D.A.R.E. The American ski team “Freestyle” also gains sponsorship from tricou tommy hilfiger barbati. David Bowie and his wife Iman made their début in 2004 as the faces of the new H Hilfiger line.

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